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Name : Tribhuwan Nath

Current posting : -

Cleared WBCS in : 2014

Your Inspiration for opting WBCS : My parents

Your Strategy for Preparation : Follow standard books

Service Secured : WBCS Executive

No of Attempts : Two

A brief Background : I am an Engineering graduate. My father was a school teacher and my mother is a homemaker. I lost my father 11 years ago.

Books to refer for - Prelims : D D Basu for Constitution, Bipin Chandra, R C Sharma for History, D R Khullar for Geography, Ramesh Singh & P D Special issue for Economics, R S Agarwal for GI, Tyra for Mathematics, S Chand for Science, Any good magazine and Newspaper.

Books to refer for- Mains : Same as preliminary.

Books to refer for Optional subjects : My optional was Anthropology. For this you may read books by P NATH, Majumdar & Madan.

Interview Preparation : I had prepared well about my biodata, my previous organization(BSNL), Engineering papers and optional subject.

Name : Gobinda das

Current posting : -

Cleared WBCS in : Group C in 2009,2010,Exe in 2014

Your Inspiration for opting WBCS : plights of people

Your Strategy for Preparation : Self study is the best study.however a genuine guidance can reduce the time to crack the exam. And first of all,grow interest in the subjects and enjoy the reading.hard work and perseverance will definitely bring success.

Service Secured : WBCS (EXE)

No of Attempts : 4 attempts

A brief Background : Basically from a middle class family. Graduated from Nabadwip in bengali medium.started self study for competitive examination.Selected ACIO-II in Intelligence Bureau in 2006 and served there till 07/11/2017. In between,I served in many I had a wish to serve people,I joined in the WBCS(Exe) on 08/11/2017. Although I am on lien.

Books to refer for - Prelims : Books of class IX,X,XI,XII of Bengal board for History,Geography,Science,for English,book of P.K.De Sarkar,for Indian polity,Book of Anadi Mahapatra,For economics,Book of Dutta sundaram,for reasoning,Book of Agarwal,for math,book of M.Tyra,special subject wise issues of Pratijogita darpan,and books of Khullar for Geography,Tata Mac grow hill for History etc.Any two leading magazines for current affairs.

Books to refer for- Mains : The books mentioned above will require for mains also.moreover,some reference book may be helpful.Study an english daily for english skills and bengali daily for bengali skills.

Books to refer for Optional subjects : 3/4 good books available in market.

Interview Preparation : Mock interview,briefing from seniors who are already in job,subjects of graduation,national and international issues of recent times,information of the area you belong to,your hobby etc.


Current posting : -

Cleared WBCS in : 2014

Your Inspiration for opting WBCS : Nobody...

Your Strategy for Preparation : First i focused four subjects...HISTRORY ,GEOGRAPHY,CONSTITUTION,ECONOMICS.

Service Secured : WBCS(EXE)

No of Attempts : 1st

A brief Background : in electrical engineering..from jalpaiguri govt engg college...completed it in 2013...when I was in 4 th year...started preparation for wbcs exam

Books to refer for - Prelims : History..jibon mukhopadhyay..bengali version...and any 10th standard book..INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT----by Tarique md. 2.for geography --atlas map book...majid hussain..and a 10 th standard book 3.indian polity---m.laxmjkanth 4.economics--ramesh singh...

Books to refer for- Mains : For indian history-spectrum...

Books to refer for Optional subjects : Indian anthropology---indrani basu.. Physical anthropology --shukla and rastogi

Interview Preparation : -

Name : Nayana De

Current posting : -

Cleared WBCS in : 2014

Your Inspiration for opting WBCS : Some of my seniors were in WBCS executive service, from them I got to know about the nature of the service. It is a very dynamic service,which, I like most. The multidimensional work opportunity of this service attracted me and influenced me very much. In this service I can serve the people of ground level and I feel it is very challenging and I love to take challenges.It will give me a job satisfaction .This was my inspiration.

Your Strategy for Preparation : From the very first day of my preparation I maintained a positive vive into myself that I have to crack this examination in first attempt, so I have to prepare myself on that basis .First I have started reading history ,geography ,political science and economics , because I am from science background, so I thought I have to take care of above mentioned subjects very carefully from beginning and lastly I studied science subjects. For English and Bengali I gave very less time , in case of preliminary examination only 2 to 3 days for English grammar. Last two weeks I gave mock tests on last 10 years question papers and other mock question papers from different books. It helped me to learn time management and help me to get accuracy in answering on OMR sheet .I used to read monthly magazine and highlight main points. I preferred group discussions with other WBCS aspirants which was very helpful to enrich myself and to reduce the boredom of continuous studying. I have not taken any special preparation for Mains examination, because one have to take preparation for both prelims and mains simultaneously from the very first day . I have studied 2 to 3 hours per day and then had discussion on the topic I studied.

Service Secured : WBCS(Executive)

No of Attempts : 1

A brief Background : I am from Serampore,my native place in Hooghly district.I have passed Madhyamik examination in the year 2006 from Serampore girls' High School with 92% marks and secured 50th rank in all over West Bengal. I have passed Higher Secondary examination in 2008 from the same school with 81% marks and appeared for medical entrance examination and got admission in West Bengal University of animal and fishery Sciences,Belgachia.I have done graduation in 2013 with 81% marks in vetinary science and then I have joined as veterinary officer on the basis of the selection of public service commission. Meanwhile I have started preparation for WBCS examination from 2013 end after completion of my graduation and appeared for WBCS examination in 2014 and got selected in WBCS executive and joined in the service in 2016.Now I am posted as Deputy magistrate and Deputy Collector on probation in Purulia district.

Books to refer for - Prelims : History -Jibon mukhopadhyay(Bengali),Bipan Chandra-India's struggle for independence , geography -Kartik Chandra Mondal ,Majid Hussain ,Atlas map book ,political science -Laxmikanth, economics- Ramesh Singh ,Verma. Life Science and Physical Science from class 9th 10th books, general knowledge from Tarun Goyal and monthly magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, peshaprobesh. Mathematics from 9 and 10 standard book and reasoning from RS Agarwal.

Books to refer for- Mains : No special book .same as preliminary examination

Books to refer for Optional subjects : My optional subject was Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science. I have read the books of my graduation level.

Interview Preparation : For interview I have prepared myself by reading daily newspaper , by making me aware of current issues and issues related my district, Hooghly and my previous service and also I have spent time on my optional subject. Internet will also help you very much in preparation for interview. I was very true to my word in my interview table and didn't show any over smartness. I was very cool and calm and it was a very homely atmosphere there . And also I have prepared myself for some common questions like introduction ,my hobby, about my qualities ,why I am appropriate for this job and why I am choosing this service.

Name : Utpal Dasmohori

Current posting : -

Cleared WBCS in : 2013,2014

Your Inspiration for opting WBCS : To be civil servant

Your Strategy for Preparation : for bcs enrich factual data

Service Secured : WBF&SS, WBCS(Exe)

No of Attempts : 3

A brief Background : B.CH.E

Books to refer for - Prelims : No specific recommendation whatever books you choose study in depth .

Books to refer for- Mains : Same as above

Books to refer for Optional subjects : geography- savindra Singh & khullar

Interview Preparation : Be confident in current affairs