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Interview – Final Stage to Success

A number of candidates selected in order of merit on the results of the Main Examination for all the services and posts included in Groups A, B C and D will have to appear at the Personality Test .

Each candidates will be asked questions on matter of general interest.

The object of the test will be to access the candidate’s personal qualities e.g, alertness of mind, power of clear and logical exposition , intellectual and moral integrity, leadership and also the candidate’s range of interest. Candidates for group ‘B’ Service(West Bengal Police Service) will be specially tested at the interviews with regard to their suitability for the service.

Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ 200 Marks
Group ‘C’ 200 Marks
Group ‘D’ 200 Marks


  • WBCS Personality Test Interview Preparation is not intended to be a test of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidates . It has been already tested through their written papers.
  • Candidates are expected to be thorough not only in their academic subjects but also in the events which are happening around them .
  • Appearing for the interview in a cool, composed and relaxed manner brings out the confidence and courage to meet challenging situations in life. A cool mind seldom commits mistakes and is bound to succeed in every phase of life

How to Represent:

  • In WBCS Personality Test Interview Preparation, one is required to be diplomatic in taking up a stand and tackling the issues in a given circumstances. Remember, your entire personality is going to be judged on every single word to be spoken there. Thus, one needs to be extra careful about selection of words while being interviewed.
  • The personality test requires the candidates to exhibit not only the art of balanced and precise thoughts, but also the art of delivering them or communicating them effectively.
  • Your interview session may last for twenty minutes, thirty minutes, or an hour, but you have to prepare yourself for much longer period. Generally, it is going to be 35 minutes or so, but not to worry, they would pass in a flash of seconds .

We are here to train you and mould your personality for all the interview which come under Wbcs .

The Fees Structure of Civil Service are given below

Fees: Rs 4000/-
1. Includes 3 Mock Session Interview
2. 2 Session on Personality
3. 1 Session on your Optional Papers

The fees Structure for Audit and Accounts are given below

Fees : Rs 5000/-
1. Includes 2 Mock Session Interview
2. 1 Session on your Personality
3. 3 Session on your Optional Papers